Birthday Parties

Lego Birthday Parties


Now experience the creativity, satisfaction and excitement of building a city on your special day…..At a Birthday party hosted at Kidizens your child can be the Mayor, help your friends build a city, or just let your imagination take you on a guided discovery…. It is truly an exciting and unique way to mark a birthday, especially for all the LEGO-lovers!

We are now taking reservations for Birthday parties, at our newest Saratoga location! Please email if you have any questions or to reserve a spot.

LEGO Birthday Fun for All Ages

Birthday Party at Kidizens When your child hosts a birthday party at Kidizens, it isn’t just a day of celebration, it is a jam-packed day of creativity and excitement. During the party, the birthday child and his/her friends build an entire LEGO city while making important decisions – the birthday child gets to name the city or an important landmark in the city. By the end of the party the children create something of which they can truly be proud.

We provide a huge LEGO inventory, creative environment and endless fun!

You bring your own party supplies, cake, food and decorations.

Our party coordinator will supervise and guide all the building activities.

We have mini-figures, candies and small LEGO sets to purchase as party favors.

Birthday Party FAQ

birthday cakeWe now offer birthday parties for different age groups (from ages 5 to 14) at our locations in Los Altos, Saratoga and Belmont.
We offer many kinds of parties with varied themes (the theme could vary depending upon the Birthday child’s interests, total number of children and total time for the party). We often tweak the theme to customize it your child’s interest and to make the experience unique. There are a number of interesting options:

Rival Town: Build an entire city to rival an existing Kidizens LEGO city

Star Wars and Space-related themes

Race Cars (integrating Robotic elements)

Transportation – trains, buses, airplanes, ships

Baseball League: Perfect party for the birthday child who loves LEGOs as well as baseball

Build Landmarks and monuments around the world

Build a LEGO castle or a “sky-high” tower (more suitable for younger kids)

Contest Mania: Design contests involving themes that match the party or Birthday child’s interests

Or Build Anything from Your Own Wild Imagination!

How many children can participate?
We have found that you need at least 8-10 children to generate enough excitement and energy and to make a successful party. The maximum number of kids for a party is 25.
How much do you charge?
Prices depend upon the location, the length of the party and number of children. We do charge a minimum of $250 per party. Please refer to our pricing page for more guidelines.
Does the party work well for girls?
Yes, all our projects are geared for girls and boys and are lot of fun for any creative child and/or LEGO builder.How long does the party last?
Our parties are 2 hours long. There is a built-in window to allow all guests to arrive before starting the activity and there is also time built in for celebration and cake-cutting at the end. Our party coordinators make a presentation to help all kids immerse in the birthday theme and simulate fun events throughout the party to make it really engaging a lot of fun!!Do you offer parties on weekdays?
We do offer parties on select Friday afternoons, if scheduled sufficiently, at least a month, in advance.

Do the participants get to keep any of the LEGO bricks?
The participants don’t get to keep any of the bricks, but what the kids create is likely to live on in each child’s memories and photographs for a long time!

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Ready to help your child create LEGO birthday memories that will last a lifetime – Please contact us for specific details and to schedule a party.

We are currently looking for a Birthday Party Coordinator for our Saratoga Location.