Robotizens Fall


Robotizens: Fall 2016

Robotizens is a beginner/ intermediate level LEGO Robotics Mindstorms-based program in which children (ages 8-12) will work hands-on with the latest generation of LEGO Robotics and work with various past FLL Challenges (such as, the Green City Challenge, the Body Forward Challenge or the Nature’s Fury Challenge).

Students work in small teams and build a variety of robot projects using LEGO Mindstorms. These projects provide an opportunity to study construction methods, principles of physics and science and basic concepts of engineering, such as connected systems, motorized machines, levers, gears, pulleys, speed/torque, stress testing, and more.

The students will learn how to program the robots to perform tasks, use sensors, and solve a series of fun challenges. After completing a series of different robot designs and training challenges, this Fall, the students are presented with the Green City Challenge. This includes a number of missions simulating real-life engineering problems, each environmentally focused and conducted on a table top simulated city including LEGO buildings, power plants and trash bins. For this challenge, the student teams will design, build, program and test a robot using their own creative ideas. They will need to solve problems and revise their design and programming to see how many of the missions their robot can complete.

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Robotizens is lots of fun, excitement, creativity and learning all wrapped into one!

Photos and Videos from our Past Robotizens Class

Program Information: Robotizens Fall 2016

Target Age Group: 8-12

Palo Alto / Los Altos:

Friday      3:45 PM – 5:15 PM


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