Robotizens: LEGO Mindstorms and Robotics Camps and Classes for the Bay Area

Robotizens is a LEGO Mindstorms based program in the in which children (ages 8-12) will work hands-on with the latest generation of LEGO Robotics and work with various FLL Challenges. We offer a beginner/intermediate level Robotizens program that uses past FLL challenges.

Students work in small teams and build a variety of robot projects using LEGO Mindstorms. These projects provide an opportunity to study construction methods, principles of physics and science and basic concepts of engineering, such as connected systems, motorized machines, levers, gears, pulleys, speed/torque, stress testing, and more. The students will learn how to program the robots to perform tasks, use sensors, and solve a series of fun challenges.

Please visit our Fall program page for further information on scheduling and class calendar for Fall 2014.

In addition, we are also putting together two teams this Fall that will compete in the FLL challenge. The weekly meetings will take place at our Los Altos and Saratoga locations. The exact schedule will be posted shortly. If you’re interested in participating in the Los Altos or Saratoga FLL team, please send us an email at