After-School Workshops


Kidizens Off-site After-School LEGO Classes

Kidizens is proud to partner with select schools in the Bay Area that embrace project-based learning philosophies to offer a variety of Kidizens after-school workshops. These workshops deliver real-life civic and fundamental economic knowledge at various age-appropriate levels, in a project-based learning framework with lots of LEGO fun for students. A complete list of all of our Winter/Spring 2018 workshops will be announced shortly.

Synapse, Menlo Park

Young Entrepreneurs Workshop

The workshop will have kids creatively thinking, designing, planning and launching businesses. The workshop will then teach the basics of managing a business with LEGO-based prototypes. Each child will design, build, budget and manage a business of their choice. In this context, we will discuss economic concepts such as budgets, loans, profits and overhead, as the Young Entrepreneurs will use their ingenuity and acumen to make their businesses appealing to customers resulting in successful, profitable ventures. In addition, they will serve on a citywide council to manage policy making for the city which may have the potential to affect their businesses. The session will end with the children sharing their businesses in a ‘Shark Tank’ style presentation. Details to be announced soon.

Beresford Elementary, San Mateo

Build-A-City, Project-Based Community Building Workshop

Calendar: Wednesdays 1:05pm – 2:05pm

1/17, 24,31, 2/7, 14,21,28, 3/7, 3/14 and 3/21

Cost: $200/Child

A 10-week highly interactive and fun community-building session – filled with creativity and excitement – where the kids build an entire LEGO city, while learning about important civic and economic concepts, in a fun, social learning environment. In this workshop, students work in committees together to construct an entire city over multiple weeks. In an engaging social environment, they use analytical thinking, cooperative skills and effective communications to make decisions as a city council and provide for their residents while managing a limited city budget. The kids also role-play as city council members to address situations, problems and needs and as such gain problem solving, public speaking and many real-life skills and experience.

Register For After School Workshop

Register for Beresford: Program Cost $200

Register for Encinal: Program Cost $190