Leadership Program Fall


Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Program (Grades 5-7)

The Kidizens Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Program offers a higher level of challenge and learning to 5th-7th graders as well as to our graduating “kidizens” who have completed our Kidizens and Young Senators programs. The program offers students an opportunity to build upon their basic knowledge of social studies, civics and economics, acquired previously through school, other programs or in our regular Kidizens or Young Senators programs. It is a real-life journey that further enhances their understanding of many civic and economic concepts, such as government, economy, geography, the environment, and much more. In line with the Kidizens philosophy, the Young Leaders embark upon a guided discovery of real world lessons and strategies while building critical skills such as teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, written communication, public speaking and of course leadership.

Fall Program

In our Fall program, students work in pairs to create a model LEGO country in a league-like environment. Each week their country will compete against those of their fellow students in achieving the highest scores in categories including Citizen Happiness, Economy, Country Finances, Environmental Health, Law and Order, Education and Literacy. With each week, the student leaders will receive weekly feedback from an esteemed “Panel of Judges” who will distribute reports indicating their relative ratings in each category.

After studying various kinds of government, they will decide the kind of government they would opt for, they will come up with a budget and spending categories for their country, they will formulate a cabinet and launch organizations and services to effect their spending priorities. All the while, they will receive urban history lessons from the Kidizens staff to further their knowledge and conceptual understanding and allow them to be better policymakers, diplomats and leaders. Altogether, it’s an exciting, fast-paced environment that simulates real-life political competition and compels LEGO lovers to actively engage in a civics- and economics-focused curriculum.
In addition, while, the Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs engage in healthy coopetition with each other, the students will research real-world issues and write reports on various country-specific issues. The kidizens will also consider inter-country issues that relate to borders, trade and economics. Students will eventually present their model country and plans for continued urban success to a panel of esteemed members of the community.


Highly interactive 14-week session

Ages 10-12 (Flexible – dictated by students’ maturity levels). Students attend one session a week.

Students build their own entire LEGO city and interact with each other while learning simple real-world civics concepts, lessons and social skills.

Students study the macro environment of a country and its related issues and then design a (macro-economic) model city-state (country) with LEGOs. Students will get ranked on key economic matrices every week and eventually present their model city and plans for urban success.

Offered at our Los Altos location: (for our homeschool students)

Thursday Morning:     10:00 AM – 12:30PM
Friday     10:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Offered at our Los Altos location:

Thursday     Afternoon: 3:30 PM – 6:00 PM



Session starts on Sep 6th and ends December 16th, 2016. No Class during the Thanksgiving week. A couple of Field trips will be organized during or outside the class sessions based on availability and convenience.


Please email info@kidzzinc.com to reserve a spot for the class you would like to register for in the Fall. Our online registration will be open soon.


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