Winter Camps

LEGO Fall and Winter Camps

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At our Winter camps and workshops, kids are age-appropriately partnered to build their dream LEGO cities and solve civic/economic problems in order to form a well functioning society. The 3- and 4-day workshops enable kids to immerse deeper into their responsibilities and solve various problems for their cities, while facing challenges and crises along the way. They end the workshop evaluating city economy and overall citizen happiness, in addition to putting infrastructure, laws and services in place — and of course, having lots of fun while doing so!

Offered on staff development days, school holidays or in-service days. For list of additional workshops, please see the schedule below and contact us if you would like a workshop to be added for your school.


Multiple Day Winter Camps

Multiple day workshops where the kids build, manage and govern their dream cities and immerse themselves really deep — solve civic/economic problems, face various crises and take decisions to form a well functioning society.

Los Altos Camps                              Register

1-Day Winter Workshop, Fri, Dec 22; 9am – 3pm; $105                                                         

4-Day Winter Workshop, Mon – Thu, Dec 18-21; 9am – 3pm; $375                                                    

3-Day Winter Workshop, Wed-Fri, Dec 27-29; 9am – 3pm; $285

Belmont Camps                              Register

2-Day Winter Workshop, Thu-Fri, Dec 21-22; 9am – 3pm; $198                                                         

3-day Winter Workshop, Wed-Fri, Jan 3rd – 5th, 9am – 3pm, $285


Registration is now open for all of these workshops. In addition, check out our special drop-in sessions if you want to spend a part of the day with us or please contact us if you would like to schedule an extended, customized drop-in session with a group of kids. Many drop-in sessions available during school holidays.

Please send us an email if you’re looking for a particular holiday camp and don’t see it listed here. Thanks!