Winter Workshops and Camps

Would You Like to Build a LEGO City? Would you like to be the Mayor of a LEGO City?

During our upcoming Winter Workshops and Winter Camp, students (ages 6-11) build a city and learn all about the civics and economics of managing a city!  Based on the success of our summer camps, we are offering two winter camps during the break. The first camp will run Monday through Friday, from December 17th through December 21st from 9:00 AM through 2:30 PM with an hour-long lunch break. The second camp will run for 3 days in January, from January 2nd through January 4th from from 9:00 AM through 2:30 PM with an hour-long lunch break. Please register today, as space is limited.

During the camp, the students will partner up to serve as co-mayors of a city which they will both create and govern.  Their city will also soon be filled with “residents”, each of whom will have requests, demands and opinions.  They will be sending telegrams to the mayor’s offices to which the mayors will need to respond.  Meanwhile, our Kidizens Team will give the mayors background information through detailed lessons on topics such as constitutions, economics, infrastructure, flags, budgeting and much more!  It will be a period of great fun and great learning!

Here are some highlights of the Workshop:

*Respond to “telegrams” and requests from your citizens
*Deal with “acts of nature,” such as earthquakes, floods and fires
*Manage your city’s roads, hospital, traffic, police force, and fire department
*Deal with your city’s budget, tax rates and economic welfare
*Work on treaties with the mayors of neighboring cities in “Summits”
*Serve on the Inter-City High Court that decides cases that arise between cities

If you have questions or wish to reserve a spot for your child in one of our winter camps, please email us at

Dates: The two winter camps will run from Dec 17th – 21st and Jan 2nd – 4th from 9:00 am to 2:30pm.
Pricing: See our Pricing Page for more details

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