Parents love Kidizens because we’ve made it fun to learn. Students love Kidizens because they get to interact with their friends — solving problems and running a universe made out of LEGOs.

Watch this testimonial video from our summer camp session.  Our students and LEGO city mayors meet the real mayor of Palo Alto, Sid Espinosa, and hear his impressions of Kidizens.

Watch this testimonial video to hear more about what our students and their parents have to say about our programs and register online to get your child started in Kidizens today.

 A Teacher’s Testimonial of a Kidizens’ Workshop:

“The Kidizens model city workshop became a foundational part of our project-based integrated learning unit on “The City of the Future.”  To activate background knowledge and build foundational understanding of how cities work, the Kidizens team facilitated a fast-paced, action oriented project.  The students learned how governments are assembled and function, then created the key documents for their fictional city.  They learned how departments interconnect, then built the facilities and architecture on multiple 8-foot tables.  They learned about citizenship, then became citizens of the city they built.

“Building the city out of Legos kept each child engaged in the process of thinking, doing, evaluating, and iterating.  The Kidizens team paced the workshop perfectly, balancing instruction with action.  They worked with me to set behavior expectations, including teamwork and cooperation.  The end result was a detailed and complete model city, including founding documents, a government, laws, and a flag.

“I am grateful to the Kidizens leadership and facilitators for delivering this high quality learning experience to my class.  The students’ depth of understanding is far greater because they built it themselves.  They had a lot of fun while learning, which is the cornerstone of Kidizens’ offerings.  I highly recommend this top-notch company and their workshops and will be using them again in the future.”

– Ohlone Elementary School Teacher Michelle Yee

Parent Testimonials for the Kidizens Program:

“My son has learned so much about civics in Kidizens this year and he’s had so much fun doing it! Running an actual small scale town and interacting with other towns has taught the “kidizens” how cities run, make decisions based on their values, deal with problems that come up,and plan for the future, all with LEGOs. I’ve enjoyed receiving the lessons and newsboards online as well. It’s been a great experience!” 

-Suzie Lincoln

“My son loves coming to Kidizens each week. The hands-on experience of actually building a city from the ground up has been very exciting for him. Along the way he ran for mayor, worked on public and private transportation projects and created his own business. He will definitely be a more informed citizen and what fun it was in the process!”

-Jennifer Fisher

“Our daughter really looks forward to Kidizens! every week and to helping build her city. But the fun with LEGOs goes way beyond building — because all the while she is learning a lot about civics, social studies, infrastructure and history! It’s a great program, well-thought out and very innovative, with lots to offer all students, no matter what they like to do…build, art, write, read, imagine, organize.”

-Rania Bratberg

“Kidizens is an amazing program! Our daughter has enjoyed every minute of her time there and has come home with exciting news and updates on her Kidizens home, neighbors, town, city, the votes that have occurred and the decisions that have made by the group. She looks forward to her time there every week, and we as her parents,look forward to hearing all that she has learned about government, city growth issues, ongoing building projects, and formation of a business. Thank you for starting this fun and educational after school activity!”

-Kathryn and Mike Weller

“Kidizens brings to life a multifaceted combination of civic responsibility, free enterprise and LEGO construction. Combining these attributes with role playing is an outstanding way for kids to learn practical skills in a playful environment. Kidizens is a weekly highlight for our son George.”

-Erwin Hosono & Beth Axelrod

“Kidizens is an excellent program. Our 8 year old looks forward to it all week and learns a lot about the way the world works — practical civics, town planning, rule of law, democracy, finance, practical probability, design, etc. — while also learning to cooperate with real and imaginary fellow town-residents. Plus it’s all in LEGO! Enormously valuable.”

-Ullas Gargi

“Kidizens helped teach my son important life skills. The kids make decisions together about what they value, articulate their thoughts, and persuade others to see their view–all skills that they can use their entire lives.”

-Judy Logan

“Both my children were able to experience Kidizens. They thoroughly enjoyed building and governing the city they created there. The civics activities have something for every child’s interests – building, decorating, governing, running a business – just to name a few.

When running for office, they had to prepare a platform that would appeal to their classmates and also differentiate them from the other candidates. This definitely led to many interesting discussions at our dinner table. The experience encouraged them to experiment with public speaking techniques and to evaluate competing proposals. Creating and running business in the city (which includes money management and day to day operations) is a great way to learn ‘real life’ lessons in a very creative manner. I am very thankful that my kids were able to experience the Kidizens cities!”

-Maya Misner

“It is wonderful to hear my daughter talk about things she is learning at Kidizens. We sit at the dinner table and she talks about concepts I learned in college business courses as if they are all part of a fun new game. She has such fun at Kidizens that she doesn’t even know it is educational. Having a hand in building her own city has also made her much more interested in current events. We will talk about something she is learning at Kidizens and then turn the conversation to some event in the news. Kidizens has expanded her universe by putting the real world into a format that a 9 year-old can digest.”

-Becky Mankey

“Kidizens helps students grow in many areas that are not normally covered in our school curriculum. It helps kids to frame complex civic issues in a way that is accessible to them: they benefit both from learning how to interact with each other when they have different points of view and in understanding the fundamental trade-offs in our system of self- government. It is also wonderfully hands-on – there is no paperwork here!”

-Rohini Chakravarthi

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