Kidizens Young Senators Program

In the Kidizens “Young Senators” program, students govern a state comprised of the cities from our regular Kidizens program. The Young Senators serve as the representatives of a state government, working with their constituencies (regular Kidizen cities and its leaders) to enact laws and bills. The Young Senators also build their own LEGO city, which serves as the state capital and feature a capitol building and government structures as well as museums, highways and perhaps a mall or esplanade. They work with each city’s representatives in formulating tax rates, fighting crime and dealing with environmental issues and major business plans. The committees of Senators also act as political advisors and come up with challenging and interesting situations to which the Mayors and representatives from different cities respond to.

Here are some of the issues amongst many that the Young Senators will explore in Fall 2016:

  • State level issues: The Young Senators will determine and get historical background on what issues are handled by city versus state governments in the areas of legislation, borders, trade and the environment. There will be new issues every week that they will get to study and act on!
  • State Elections: The Young Senators will also elect a governor, state senators, and a cabinet while studying the roles that these officers would play. They will run a campaign, with a platform and propose bills that would get voted upon.
  • State vs. City Taxes: Will the state collect taxes above and beyond what the city does? What are these revenues used for? Is a portion of the tax money sent back to the cities, and if so, do they get a portion of what they raised or are taxes re-distributed across cities?
  • Economic Zones: What happens if a richer city becomes more developed than its neighbors? Does the state attempt to improve the economic well-being of the less developed cities? The Young Senators will consider economic zones for development as well as subsidies and progressive taxes.
  • State infrastructure vs. city infrastructure: Public and private infrastructure spending on transportation, healthcare, education, technology, etc.

There will be high level of interaction and interplay amongst the Senators and between the Senators and the city-level representatives. There will also be a strong emphasis on reading, writing, public-speaking and negotiations. And all of this will happen within the premises of Kidizens’ fun-filled, LEGO-based platform and rich social learning framework, with interesting bonus assignments and active discussions to reinforce the learning.

It’s going to be a whole lot of work, a whole lot of responsible policy making, a whole lot of learning and, of course, a whole lot of fun!

Offered at our Los Altos and Saratoga location (this Fall):

Homeschooling Options:
Monday        10:30 AM – 1:00 PM        at Saratoga  register today button
Tuesday        10:00 AM – 12:30PM       at Los Altos  register today button

Dates: Our Fall Semester kicks off on Tuesday, Sep 6th 2015 in Saratoga and ends on Friday, December 16th. We’re off the week of Thanksgiving, so there is no class during that week.

Register: Please send us an email at info@kidzzinc.com to reserve a spot for the classes you would like to register for. Our online registration would be open soon.

Pricing: See our Pricing Page for more details or contact us.


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