Young Kidizens Program

Our unique constructivist framework of city-building, role-playing and social learning enables groups of younger students to take on a guided discovery of real-life concepts. Leveraging the overall philosophy and framework of Kidizens, our curriculum for the “Young Kidizens,” is designed specifically for the target age group of 6-7 (and young 8′s), with the goal of simplifying many civic and economic concepts and bringing them to life with many play-based and real-life elements.

Winter/Spring Program

Our Young Kidizens Winter/Spring program is a 18-week interactive learning session in which students meet once a week to build and manage their own LEGO city. The program meets from January-May at all our locations.

Some of our Young Kidizens will be building a brand new LEGO metropolis while some will continue their urban development from the Fall semester, with each kid also governing as a city council member.  The program begins with a unit on urban housing solutions, using examples from cities all over the world to explore different living environments.  In the first couple of weeks, each of the new students will build a house in their city in which to live.  They will also be learning about the “Dot Economy©” at Kidizens and deciding which objects to purchase for their own home. In addition, some of the classes that serve as the continuation of the Young Kidizens Fall program, will revisit many of the civic and economic concepts introduced in the Fall semester, while exploring new ways to apply these concepts in the city!

Once our Young Kidizens have accommodated the growing housing demand by learning about, designing and building skyscraper apartments, their focus will shift to creating a unique culture for their city! Kidizens will create a zoo, a park or other outdoor recreation area, and other entertainment venues (not explored in Fall) to keep their city life vibrant!

Young Kidizens will also be launching businesses for their cities, all the way from candy shops to toy stores. They will also be building a school system for their city. We’ll be taking a look at schools around the world for insight in creating a dynamic education center to serve the children of our city!

All the while, we will also be performing our duties of the sheriff, fire chief, safety inspector and other council positions and running and for new ones. We will also be building city halls, court houses, building and selling cars, designing floats for the Kidizens May Fete Parade, and studying landmarks of the world and constructing extravagant landmarks for our cities.

In the later part of our program, we’ll take our city to a new, international level!  Young Kidizens will build ships and set out for Lego Island in a quest for gold (taking care to avoid any pirates they might meet)!  After a triumphant return, they’ll set about designing their own World’s Fair, a celebration of cultures from all over the globe!

We’ll learn a lot and have tons of LEGO fun!


  • 18 week session (+ 1 week of field trips) running January-May; Field trips include visits to the local history museums, city hall, police department and more.
  • Targeted at ages 6-8; Students attend one session a week
  • Cities are given a huge swath of LEGO land on which kids create an entire city and their own community
  • Students will serve on a city council and may run for an an elected position
  • Teachers guide students with lessons and encourage “out of the box” thinking
Los Altos/
Palo Alto
Class Day/Time (select one)
 Mondays Young Kidizens*  10:00 AM – 11:45PM
Wednesdays Young Kidizens 3:30PM – 5:15 PM
Fridays Young Kidizens 10:00AM – 11:45PM
 Saratoga  Class  Day/Time (select one)
Wednesdays Young Kidizens*  3:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Fridays Young Kidizens* 3:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Belmont Class Day/Time (select one):
Wednesdays Young Kidizens* 3:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Fridays Young Kidizens* 3:30 PM – 5:15 PM
Dates: The classes run the weeks of January 5th – May 22nd with a week off for Winter Break, Feb 16th-20th and another for Spring Break, April 6th-10th.
Pricing: See our Pricing Page for more details  

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