Kidizens offers on-site workshop options for elementary school teachers and administrators that are interested in giving their students an opportunity to build and inhabit their own LEGO city right in their own classroom or on their school campus .

Through these workshops students learn important civics and leadership skills, such as spatial and conceptual development, problem-solving, and decision-making skills, all while having lots of fun with LEGOs.

Build a LEGO City at Your School through Kidizens’ Workshops
Kidizens offers two workshop options for schools that are interested in applying for our workshops program:

  1. Afterschool workshops– These workshops follow the standard 8 week Kidizens’ program model but are conducted on the school campus afterschool. There are four basic afterschool workshop options to choose from:
    • Young Entrepreneurs Workshop: focuses on economics and businesses, as students create their own budgets, products, advertisements and companies as part of a city simulation.
    • Young Mayors Workshop: brings government and civics to students as they manage a city of LEGOs, responding to citizens and voters as political issues arise.
    • Young Explorers Workshop: focuses on the “Age of Discovery” — life at sea as well as the Gold Rush, as our young captains build ships to sail to the LEGO New World in an attempt to establish a colony and maybe even find gold!
    • Build a City Workshop: students work in committees together to construct an entire city in a short period of time. In an engaging social environment, they must use analytical thinking, cooperative skills and effective communications to make decisions as a city council and provide for their citizens while managing a limited city budget.
  2. Specialized workshops – These workshops are customized specifically for each school and can vary in length, curriculum, and location. We work with each selected school to design a specialized workshop that uniquely meets the needs of your students and your organization.

Kidizens Makes Social Studies Fun for Students and Easy for Schools
All of our workshops bring excitement to the classroom by engaging kids in a build and role-play atmosphere where they must work together to problem-solve at a high level. At the same time, each unit is geared to meet social studies grade level requirements for California, providing teachers with ways to meet report card standards that go beyond the text book.

For all our workshop options, Kidizens provides the teachers, lesson plans, LEGO blocks and building materials. The schools are responsible for selecting the location, promoting the workshops with students and parents, and working with Kidizens to manage the registration process.

Workshop Sessions Are Limited. Apply Today.
Kidizens offers a limited number of these workshops each session and the interest from schools far exceeds our ability to service every request. View our current workshop offerings to see if your school is currently participating.

If your school might be interested in hosting a Kidizens workshop, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will work with you to design the ideal workshop for your students.

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