LEGO Social Skills

LEGO Social Skills Program – Fall 2013

Do you love LEGOs and want to practice making friends and working collaboratively in a safe, controlled, and FUN environment? For the first time ever, Kidizens is proud to offer a special class for children with social challenges (for kids on spectrum, kids with aspergers, 2E kids, and kids with similar social delays) to plan and construct a city together in a specially adapted collaborative learning program designed to teach social skills and reinforce positive social behavior while leveraging many of the successful elements of our regular Kidizens program.

Over the course of the program, kidizens will partner up to plan a component of our city and direct the class in building. In addition to being individually responsible for overseeing their special projects, kidizens will have many opportunities to hone their public speaking skills in a structured and non-threatening environment. Each session also will incorporate activities to foster emotional intelligence and help kidizens express themselves effectively. Join us as we construct our self-designed city, build healthy social relationships, and of course, have tons of LEGO fun!

Please note that this program is meant to nurture project-based and group learning in a collaborative, fun, social environment for kids with social delays or challenges. We’re not a “therapy” program and not equipped to handle kids with any known history of violence and aggression.

14-Week session offered exclusively for homeschooling community on
- Thursday Afternoons from 1PM to 3PM at our Los Altos location and
- Tuesday Afternoons from 1PM – 3PM at our Belmont location

These classes will be taught by Jamie Joyce and Nora Richman, our experienced Kidizens teachers with collective experiences in dealing with special needs kids and counseling.

We’ll also be scheduling a group observation during the first couple of classes to assess a fit for all the kids that are registered for this class. The exact date will be announced to all the registered parents a week in advance.

Pricing: See our Pricing Page for more details  

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