Our Kidizens Fall program is a highly interactive and immersive learning session in which students meet once a week to build, manage and govern their own LEGO city. The program meets from September – December.


  • 14-15 week session, where children collaboratively build and learn the day-to-day civic and economic concepts of managing a city.
  • Students attend one session a week
  • Ages 8 – 11
  • Cities are given a huge swath of LEGO land on which kidizens create their own small civilization and manage basic infrastructure and services
  • Students serve on a city council and may run for an elected position. Kidizens serve as Mayors, Judges, Sheriffs and in many other roles on the City Council.
  • The kidizens also manage city budgets, enact laws, cope with natural disasters and crises. They also interact with other cities and cooperate on various issues.
  • Teachers provide historical and local perspectives through lessons on related civic and economic topics and guide students to learn through the consequences of their own actions while encouraging “out of the box” thinking
* Although, our Fall semester is over, we can put together a 10-12 week customized session for homeschooling groups, special workshops, and Girls’ and Boy’s scout clubs. Please email us at info@kidzzinc.com
Dates: Schedule for Fall 2014 will be announced in April, 2014. Please email info@kidzzinc.com for any questions.
Pricing: See our Pricing Page for more details

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