Kidizens Leadership Program

Kidizens Leadership Program

The Kidizens Leadership Program is targeted for ages 10-12, as well as our graduating “kidizens” who have completed the Kidizens and/or Young Senators programs, to offer a higher level of challenge and learning.

It is a real-life journey that further enhances their understanding of government, economics, geography, the environment, and much more. In line with the Kidizens philosophy, the Kidizens Leadership students embark upon a guided discovery of real-world lessons and strategies while building critical skills such as teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, written communication, and public speaking.

Take our virtual tour to learn more about the world of Kidizens or read more about how it works.

Kidizens Leadership Program Options
Currently we are offering the following Kidizens Leadership program options:

  • Kidizens Leadership Program Fall – A fourteen-week interactive learning session that runs from September – December. Students meet once a week to create a replica of an actual, real-world city using LEGOs while doing research on the best ways to manage it.
  • Kidizens Leadership Program Winter/Spring – A nineteen week interactive session which runs January-May.  Students generate their own original entrepreneurial ideas and then analyze, plan, launch and operate their own businesses.

For students younger than 11 , we also offer our KidizensYoung Kidizens, Young Entrepreneurs and Young Senators programs.

Have questions? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you select the program that is right for your child.


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