Volunteer, Organize, Create, Connect & Mentor!

May 27, 2014,Nora
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Become a Kidizens’ camp assistant!
Camp assistants find creative ways to engage our summer campers, they get the chance to create fun and exciting skits and role play in our judge’s chambers. They also connect with our summer campers and learn ways to communicate with and mentor younger peers, while providing a highly interactive & engaging environment, all through the use of LEGOs!
Volunteers are needed to assist in providing this experience to campers ages 6-12 years …read more

Kidizens Fall Schedule Posted

May 20, 2014,Nora
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We are excited to announce that our fall schedule has been posted!  We look forward to another year of creativity, innovation and LEGO fun!

NEW**This year we are very excited to introduce a revised curriculum incorporating many science, environmental, urban mechanic and engineering concepts utilizing motors, axles, gears and robotic kits.

Please see  to learn all about fall program opportunities and register for classes! read more

Spring Newsboard 16: Kidizens

May 16, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens,

We find ourselves at the end of another year!  It’s been an amazing journey watching the cities of the state of Studville take shape this year.  The cities of Riverack, Plains, Riverstone, Greenville, Big House City, Lego City, Brickton, and Silver Stone all developed their own unique cultures, architecture, laws, and much more!  It’s hard to believe how far the cities have come in just one year.

This week, kidizens from all over the state …read more

Spring Newsboard 15: Kidizens

May 9, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens,

It’s your old friend Insightful Iguana here to bid you adieu!  It’s so hard to believe that the end of the Kidizens year is finally upon us.  We have had a wonderful year full of learning, making new friends, and learning how to be excellent citizens!  There was a definite celebratory air about the state of Studville this week as our kidizens prepared for their final festivities.  Here’s a slice of life in our …read more

Spring Newsboard 14: Kidizens

May 2, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens,

Playful Peacock here with all the updates from the great state of Studville!

With all these Lego Island rumors floating around, Big House City finally decided to get in on the action! They were able to build ships this week and sail off into uncharted waters towards Lego Island! The winning ship: The Dolphin Flyer,–designed by Kaitlyn, Carina and Kassandra,– was spotted off the coast of another Lego Island named Lawaii!! Hope they’re going the right …read more

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