Thanksgiving Workshops, December Camps and Spring/Summer Registration

November 18, 2014,admin
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We invite all creative thinkers, LEGO builders and responsible leaders to join our Kidizens community!

We’re conducting 1-day and 2-day thanksgiving workshops on 11/25 and 11/26 as well as our 2-day Winter Holiday Camps on Dec 22-23rd and Dec 29th-30th. 

Our Spring semester begins January 5th and registration for all of our classes is now open and online. We’re inviting parents to come and visit us for our upcoming Open House and Informational nights. You’re also …read more

Kidizens Weekly Newsboard Nov 1st – Nov 7th

November 14, 2014,admin
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Here’s Eddie, back again to give you the latest on the happenings in our great state!

Sandwich City– Beautiful Bridge!

Starting out in Sandwich City, I see that the Kidizens have finished construction on an impressive-looking bridge!  This bridge will help residents and visitors cross the river and enter the wild animal preserve.  A special meeting was called by the newly elected Mayor Toby, who ran an impressive campaign, to discuss ideas about …read more

October 28, 2014,admin
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Hello everyone!  It’s your faithful reporter, Eddie, back again to tell you what’s happening in our great state of Kidizens!

This week, I’ll start in one of our capital cities, Silver Stream.  I see such excitement among the residents of this city and their district, as the Capitol Building has finally been finished and placed into the city!  What a beautiful design it is!  Lots of blue bricks, with a white roof and fence, and a …read more

Kidizens Weekly Newsboard, Oct 14th – Oct 20th

October 22, 2014,admin
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Greetings Kidizens!  A lot has happened during this eventful week in our fair state! I am here to report on a few key events….

Starting off my tour in Sandwich City, I see that the residents have begun to build an El Train-inspired monorail!  This transportation project was the result of the transportation plan developed in one of our capitol cities, Silver Stream.  I got to witness the tail end of this building project – unfortunately, …read more

Kidizens Weekly Newsboard, Week 5

October 13, 2014,admin
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Hello Kidizens!

This week, I begin my tour of the state in Moonlight City, where the residents were up in arms this week when they found a thief trying to steal one of the monkeys from their farm!

Monkey Thief

This inspired the Kidizens to continue working on their police stations.  Also, final laws were voted on, and the city’s constitution was put together. I hope that these laws will keep such thefts from happening!  This city …read more

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