Kidizens Weekly Newsboard, Oct 14th – Oct 20th

October 22, 2014,admin
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Greetings Kidizens!  A lot has happened during this eventful week in our fair state! I am here to report on a few key events….

Starting off my tour in Sandwich City, I see that the residents have begun to build an El Train-inspired monorail!  This transportation project was the result of the transportation plan developed in one of our capitol cities, Silver Stream.  I got to witness the tail end of this building project – unfortunately, …read more

Kidizens Weekly Newsboard, Week 5

October 13, 2014,admin
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Hello Kidizens!

This week, I begin my tour of the state in Moonlight City, where the residents were up in arms this week when they found a thief trying to steal one of the monkeys from their farm!

Monkey Thief

This inspired the Kidizens to continue working on their police stations.  Also, final laws were voted on, and the city’s constitution was put together. I hope that these laws will keep such thefts from happening!  This city …read more

Kidizens Weekly Newsboard, Week 4

October 13, 2014,admin
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Stop!  Boat thief!  These were the first words out of my mouth when I made my weekly trek through Sandwich City.  An unidentified thief forced his way onto the city’s jointly owned luxury cruiser, and sent poor Lulu and the butler into the chilly water!  Fortunately, both folks could swim very well, though Lulu did see a dip in her health as she got very chilly.

This situation led the Kidizens to finish their police stations; …read more

Drop In Sessions and Half-Day Workshops Now Scheduled!

October 2, 2014,admin
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Kids, spend part of your day off from school at a special Kidizens drop-in session!  We’ll be building an entire city from the ground up: houses, cars, businesses, and public buildings!  Our teachers will supervise and coordinate the session and provide some civic/historical background on various city aspects and projects, the Kidizens way!  To reserve a place in this hands-on, highly interactive and fun session, please register through our website at HERE or email us at  Space is limited, sign up now! 

Kidizens Fall …read more

Newsboard Week 3

September 26, 2014,admin
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Wandering through the beautiful Moonlight City, I got to see the thoughtful residents receiving word that their farm is, in fact, affordable for their city budget!

However, Kidizen Neil’s proposed a ferry service and Kidizen Connor’s pay station for the nature preserve would cause the town’s city treasury to dip to a dangerously low level–it looks like Moonlight City may have to find a way to raise some money for its treasury soon! Kidizens also spent …read more

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