Spring Newsboard 12: Kidizens

April 18, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens,

Your pal Trustworthy Turtle is here will all the latest updates from the great state of Studville!  The air is filled with the smell of spring flowers and the buzz of excitement as the kidizens prepare to explore new territories!  Before we set sail for uncharted lands, though, let’s take a look at what’s been happening on the home front this week.

The citizens of Plains are having an easier time communicating lately—an entrepreneurial resident, Yoav, has …read more

Spring Newsboard 11: Kidizens

April 10, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens and familes,

It’s your pal Friendly Ferret here to deliver all the news from the Kidizens cities this week!  Here’s what’s been happening in the great state of Studville:

The Citizens of Riverstone are working hard to provide their city with a gorgeous city hall! After learning about what had happened to Ishano Belcho, the residents of Riverstone decided that they, too, needed a court house along with a judicial system. Construction is underway in …read more

Spring Newsboard 10: Kidizens

March 28, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens and families,

This may have been the most adventure-packed week in Studville yet!  It’s your pal Helpful Hyena here to tell you all the latest news:

Liberty bells were ringing out all over Studville this week, because at 3:47 PM on Monday, March 24, the Riverack FBI spotted a subject matching Ishano Belcho’s description attempting to cross the border of Plains into Lego City, the last frontier in his crime spree!  After mapping out the …read more

Spring Newsboard 9: Kidizens

March 26, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens,

We’ve had an exciting week in Studville this week as the kidizens made strides in their cities!  Here’s what we’ve been up to this week:

Of course, many Studvillian’s minds are fixated on Ishano Belcho’s continuing crime spree!  This week, Belcho was spotted in Big House City and Greenville, but it was too late—items from each location had already been stolen, and cryptic notes and clues left in their wake!  The senators in Riverack have …read more

Spring Newsboard 8: Kidizens

March 14, 2014,Nora
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Dear kidizens,

It’s been a very exciting week in the cities of Studville!  Here’s the latest juicy gossip:

The statewide manhunt for famed criminal Ishano Belcho is on!    This week, the Riverack FBI embarked on a wild goose chase, chasing Belcho through the cities.   After identifying the top-secret encryption of this week’s round of clues as Pig Latin, the senators put a lot of critical thought and hard work into decoding the message.  The clues sent our agents on …read more

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