Summer Camp Registrations

May 20, 2015,fiona
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If not, we still have spaces available in some of our Summer Camps in BELMONT, LOS ALTOS and SARATOGA.
Come and be a co-mayor of your own LEGO city, make important planning decision, deal with residents issues, ensure the health and safety of your residents, and above all have a great deal of fun!
Registrations are now open for one- and two-week sessions; space is filling up fast, so be sure to …read more

Kidizens Newsboard: Winter/Spring 2015, Week 17

May 18, 2015,Scott
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Hi there, everyone, Eddie here with another awesome update of our city!

As I was strolling along in Mountain Lakes City, I noticed the young senators working on their pavilions for the World’s Fair projects. Each young senator chose a country of their

Sayer’s Greece pavilion

liking to make a pavilion for:

Elijah chose Franc

Naomi chose the Netherlands

Sayer chose Greece

Graycelin chose Egypt

Duncan chose Ireland

Ezekiel chose Norway

Their pavilions seem to be coming along great and they …read more

Pre-Robotics – LEGO Simple Machines and Mechanisms

May 12, 2015,fiona
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We’re excited to announce our upcoming series of drop-in sessions focused on teaching Simple Machines concepts to the young scientists. This is an excellent way to introduce budding builders to key simple machines concepts while building teamwork and communication skills. Elementary students will discover basic physical science models such as gears, pulleys, levers, wheels and axles through observation, prediction, reasoning, and critical thinking. These sessions are an excellent precursor to the NXT Robotics …read more

Kidizens Newsboard Winter/Spring 2015, Week 16

May 11, 2015,Scott
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Hello there, everyone!  Eddie here.  There are loads of exciting things happening in our state this week, so listen up!

UN Building in Silver Stream

Starting off in the capitol city of Silver Stream, I see that the Senators have finished building a UN Building!  Senator Willem was the main architect, with an assist from Senator Ethan.  Now, any final, important amendments to state laws can take place there.

The Senators also launched their …read more

Weekly newsboard, winter/spring 2015, week 15

May 1, 2015,Scott
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Hey, everyone, Eddie here, with my latest report on the state of Kidizens!

Starting out in Moonlight City, I see a new, giant, subway train!  The train is being

Addison’s subway train for Moonlight City!

operated by a variety of animals—I have a feeling that the famous animal-lover Addison is behind this!  There are also signs and a map that were made by Emmett.  Now city residents have alternative transportation to their famous monorail.

After …read more

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