Winter/Spring Kidizens Update, Weeks 7-9

March 27, 2015,Scott
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Hi there everybody, Eddie here with another catch-up report from three more of the weeks I was gone from the state of Kidizens, through my friend Jimmy’s notes!

I was taking a walk along the streets of Mountain Lakes City and I saw that the community center was still being built, but it looks like it will be big! It may take a while to finish.

Moonlight City’s new weather center

I hung around …read more

Winter/Spring Kidizens update, weeks 4-6

March 20, 2015,Scott
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Hi, everyone, it’s your old pal Eddie returning from an extended trip away from the state of Kidizens!  Boy, did I have a crazy journey–maybe I can tell you about it sometime!

In the meantime, I want to catch you up on what’s been happening in Kidizens while I was gone.  I’ll give you the first three weeks from that time right now.  I’m so glad to have a buddy like my friend Jimmy to take …read more

New Drop-in Sessions Added in Saratoga

March 18, 2015,admin
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Kidizens is pleased to announce new drop-in sessions at our Saratoga location, extending the popularity of its themed sessions, where children are not just engaged in playing with a vast collection of LEGOs, but in imagining different worlds, building to newer challenges, problem solving and of course having fun, the Kidizens way!

Drop-in sessions are every Thursday from 4pm to 6pm and on select Fridays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm at our Saratoga location at 12302 Saratoga-Sunnyvale …read more

Winter/Spring 2015: Kidizens Newsboard Week 3

January 26, 2015,admin
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Hello everyone, it’s Eddie here again to take a tour through our fabulous state!

Max and Andrew’s skyscraper

My first stop this week is Silver Creek City as I stop by to take a closer look at the city’s much-talked about skyscraper. The new skyscraper has a nice view and not only does it have nice living quarters, it also has created some great job opportunities! There is an incentive program offered to …read more

Winter/Spring 2015: Newsboard Weeks 1 and 2

January 21, 2015,admin
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Hello again, residents of Kidizens. Looks like you’re all off to a great start this new year!! Here’s your old buddy Eddie, returning in the wonderful 2015 to update you on the exciting new developments in our fair states!

Power lines knocked down by wild animals

As I begin my tour in the Moonlight City, I realize again that no task is too big for our kidizens to handle! As the kidizens walked in …read more

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