Leadership Program – Fall

Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Program (Grades 5-7)

The Kidizens Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Program offers a higher level of challenge and learning to 5th-7th graders as well as to our graduating “kidizens” who have completed our Kidizens and Young Senators programs.  The program offers students an opportunity to build upon their basic knowledge of social studies, civics and economics, acquired previously through school, other programs or in our regular Kidizens or Young Senators programs. It is a real-life journey that further enhances their understanding of many civic and economic concepts, such as government, economy, geography, the environment, and much more. In line with the Kidizens philosophy, the Young Leaders embark upon a guided discovery of real world lessons and strategies while building critical skills such as teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, written communication, public speaking and of course leadership.

Please email info@kidzzinc.com if you require any further information.

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