Build Your Own LEGO Workshop

We now offer in-school workshops for schools that offer a real-life social studies curriculum completely customized to the school’s/ teacher’s objectives. Most of our curriculum meets the California educational standards for civics and social studies. Here’s a testament to one of the workshops that we conducted for Grades 2 and 3 at Ohlone:

Kidizens Workshop Review
The Kidizens model city workshop became a foundational part of our project-based integrated learning unit on “The City of the Future.”  To activate background knowledge and build foundational understanding of how cities work, the Kidizens team facilitated a fast-paced, action oriented project.  The students learned how governments are assembled and function, then created the key documents for their fictional city.  They learned how departments interconnect, then built the facilities and architecture on multiple 8-foot tables.  They learned about citizenship, then became citizens of the city they built.
Building the city out of Legos kept each child engaged in the process of thinking, doing, evaluating, and iterating.  The Kidizens team paced the workshop perfectly, balancing instruction with action.  They worked with me to set behavior expectations, including teamwork and cooperation.  The end result was a detailed and complete model city, including founding documents, a government, laws, and a flag.
I am grateful to the Kidizens leadership and facilitators for delivering this high quality learning experience to my class.  The students’ depth of understanding is far greater because they built it themselves.  They had a lot of fun while learning, which is the cornerstone of Kidizens’ offerings.  I highly recommend this top-notch company and their workshops and will be using them again in the future.
Michelle Yee
Teacher, Ohlone Elementary School


We also offer custom workshops to small groups of families who wish to “build their own workshop.” You can work with the Kidizens team to design a custom workshop which incorporates various aspects of the Kidizens experience for your child and his/her friends.  Choose which lessons will be included and the time period during which you would like the workshop to take place.  This is a popular option among our homeschool families who have dynamic schedules as well as girl and boy scout groups who would like to embark upon a different level of learning.

For more information on workshop options or to discuss your specific social studies goals please contact the Kidizens staff at or call 650-384-0412.


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