Learning Philosophy

At Kidizens, we believe in the benefits of encouraging experiential learning that engages the whole child. Our students learn by exploring, experiencing and addressing real-life situations. They build to think, explore, and act!

Kidizens Build to Learn and Lead

In our classes, students develop cities from the ground up and follow a detailed curriculum, where “kid citizens” take on roles such as mayor, sheriff, city planner, and ambassador. They work with each other to determine the kind of city governance that is required and they solve problems as they develop, own and operate their own businesses.

They discover the need for cities to provide for public safety, write laws, and pass legislation that takes into account and balances the often divergent wishes of other kidizens.  And in this fun and social environment, they learn about social studies, civics, history, economics, money management, architecture, the environment, problem solving, writing, public speaking and much more.

Our pool of parents strongly believe in developing the whole child, the value of experiential learning, and in their child’s continual growth through guided discoveries. But don’t just take our word for it…

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