Imagine a job where you have an opportunity to – come to work every day, think on your feet all the time, unleash your creative thinking while getting challenged by kids, share your knowledge in the context of everyday life situations and above all play with LEGOs! Kidizens offers our teachers, staff, and volunteers the opportunity to not only build wonderful, smart LEGO cities but also build the citizens and future leaders of tomorrow who are civically engaged and socially responsible.

The Kidizens team is made up of experienced teachers, dedicated volunteers, and other creative employees who are committed to designing the interactive LEGO learning programs that students love. Our dedicated, creative team guides students to discover new ideas and think “outside the box”, as they collaborate to build, manage and run their LEGO cities.

Interested in working with Kidizens as a teacher, fall and winter workshop counselor or student volunteer at one of our locations in the Bay Area? Please check out the following openings.

Current Openings

We are always looking for fun, creative and out-of-the box thinkers to join our team. So, please contact us if you deem your experience will be valuable to our program.

Birthday Party Coordinators:  We are looking for birthday party coordinators to help us with flexible 3 hour slots on Saturdays and Sundays at our Saratoga location.  College students who love creativity working with excited groups of children and of course LEGOs are welcome and encouraged to apply
Part-Time Contractors:  We are currently hiring part time contractors for our afternoon classes at the Los Altos and Saratoga locations. We’re looking for people interested in eventually working with us longer term as our principal teachers as well as site managers for our current and soon to be open locations in Fremont and San Francisco.
Robotics Interns and Part-Time Teachers:  We are looking for Robotics interns and part-time teachers to help out with our Robotizens classes. This will be a great opportunity for a high school or college student to learn and gain some experience.
Volunteers:  We are also looking for middle and high school volunteers for our upcoming workshops and camps.  Our classes can also be used for community service hours for middle and high schoolers.  This is an opportunity to work with our LEGO cities and get a highly creative experience challenging our ‘kidizen.’ Mayors and running opposition campaigns as well as do some great resume-building. Please check out our Fall and Winter schedule for our upcoming programs and let us know if you are interested in helping us.

Contact us for more information or questions.

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