About Kidizens

At Kidizens, we are building responsible, future leaders, one brick, one project, one city at a time. Our mission is to cultivate creative, collaborative, critical, community-centric and civically responsible thinking that can be the foundational pillar of future learning in life. We believe that our strong emphasis on social emotional learning –that incorporates our 5C-framework — Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Community-Building — combined with a truly experiential, project-based learning philosophy, delivers amazing results. In addition, the Kidizens’ network of LEGO cities with their real-life elements, cultivates a deep understanding of how societies form, function and evolve.

Build, Learn, Lead…One Brick at a Time.
Leveraging your child’s love of LEGOs to help them learn real-life skills and strategies…and prepare them for the real world!

Kidizens is an innovative educational environment where students build, inhabit, manage and govern their own LEGO city. We encourage collaborative and guided discovery of real-world concepts while role-playing and having fun in a universe built of LEGOs.

We believe that when kids are engaged in a project that they find meaningful and exciting, their desire for knowledge is limitless.  Research has shown that students recall 20% of what they hear but as much as 90% of what they have the opportunity to “experience” or do.

At Kidizens, we combine experiential learning with detailed civics, history and real-life lessons to create a fun LEGO environment that encourages students to let their imaginations take them to new heights and nurtures creative confidence. In designing, building, and governing an interactive LEGO society, our kidizens are truly engaged as stakeholders and motivated to learn about everything from the intricacies of a city council meetings to the importance of managing a budget. Along the way, they learn important skills, such as problem-solving, decision making, conflict resolution, public speaking and leadership. Our 5C-framework — creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration and community — develops 21st century skills for children.

The goal is simple: Inspire our students to develop the real-life skills they need for the 21st century, become good citizens today and grow into responsible future leaders of tomorrow.

Hands-On LEGO Learning Targeted At Different Age Groups
We offer multiple age-appropriate, LEGO-based program options for students:

We also offer in-school, after-school and customized workshops, and drop-in sessions to supplement our standard program offerings. Our birthday parties have become increasingly popular and offer a variety of LEGO themes to mark a memorable event for your birthday child.

Parents and Students Love Kidizens
Take our virtual tour to learn more about the Kidizens program and watch a testimonial video to hear what parents and students have to say about their experience.

Kidizens is based in California and you can contact us to schedule a visit or speak with us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about Kidizens.

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