Spring Newsboard 5: Kidizens

Dear kidizens, here’s the news from Kidizensville this week!

Congratulations, Governor Wassim!

The long-awaited results are in!  Kidizens from all over the state of Kidizensville cast their vote and made their voices heard this week as five of our senators competed for the governor’s title!  Jake, Alex, Aaron, Wassim, and Jared worked so hard to create viable campaign platforms and display leadership traits that inspired confidence in voters, and we are so proud of their efforts.  The voters have spoken, and the new governor of Kidizensville is…WASSIM!  Congratulations to him and to the other candidates for a job well done!

Oliver and Leo, keeping the peace

In a historic voting decision, the residents of New Wellstone this week became the first in Kidizensville to ban guns in their city.  Sheriff Leo and Vice Mayor Oliver presided over a council meeting in which it was decided that gun owners would have the option of returning guns to the World Market (for a full refund) or exchanging for another type of tool or weapon.  We’re proud of our New Wellstone residents for reaching consensus on this many-sided issue.

Naomi gets a visit from a hippo!

Voters in Golden Valley/Silver River this week crafted the earliest versions of their nature laws after wild animals were spotted paying visits to unsuspecting residents!  Over the course of the council meeting, it was revealed that mischievous residents had been leading hippos and elephants to one another’s doors for a good practical joke!  Ultimately, though, the citizens of promised one another that they would stop this type of behavior as it was potentially dangerous for their neighbors and for the animals.  They decided to make it against the law to lead any wild animal inside a house, for the safety of all our residents!

A perfect play spot!

Creativity City residents have a lot to be happy about this week—their city welcomed a brand-new park this week!  Designed by mayoral candidate Nour, the park boasts a playground, picnic area, and plenty of shady trees for playing hide and seek!  The park is conveniently located near the city’s apartment building and offers a stunning view of their monolith landmark!


Willem and new friend Aden having a housewarming sleepover!

Sunbeam City found an excellent use for one of its abandoned buildings this week.  New resident Willem found a home in a house formerly owned by Trevor, who has since moved out of the city.  Though Willem was enjoying an extended sleepover with neighbor Corwin, he is delighted to have a place to truly call home!




Trouble was afoot in Lake City this week—the ginormous apple tree at the farm has fallen and wreaked havoc on the crops!. Strawberries and watermelon have been crushed under its tremendous weight. The city is going to need a clean up crew as soon as possible! Well, at least these residents can make some strawberry pie out of a tumultuous situation!





Building bridges!

This week, River Bank Shore resident Grier was highly interested in visiting Townville’s lovely attractions. After Grier left a thoughtful note, Townville responded with nothing but open arms! Looks like they are giving her the opportunity to take a discounted helicopter taxi ride above their city’s beautiful landscape.  What good neighbors!





Townville’s train system!

It’s not all smooth sailing in Townville these days, though—it looks like their prized train system has collapsed!  Could it have been constructed too hastily?   Townville’s department of transportation has issued a letter stating the city’s options for rebuilding their train system. Residents are working hard to conjure up a strategy to save this historic landmark!

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