Spring Newsboard 6: Kidizens

Dear kidizens, here’s a slice of life from Kidizensville this week:

Happy Valentine’s day!

Love is in the air in Kidizensville this week as residents decked out their homes to celebrate Valentine’s Day!  Creativity City is a sea of red this week.  Here’s kidizen Ariel’s home, all ready for the celebration of love with a larger-than-life red heart outside!




Golden Sunbeam School

Kidizens from all over the state of Kidizensville have their Senators in New Brick City to thank for two new public schools!  Golden Sunbeam Schoolhouse and Lake Wellstone School, located in Golden Valley and Lake City respectively, will each serve two Kidizensville cities.  It’s wonderful that our state’s children will be able to receive a quality education, no matter what part of the state they live in!

Lake Wellstone School


Lake City kidizens are thrilled with their new school! Thanks to New Brick City’s senators, all children can go to school for free because it’s public education! This school is snazzy and operates solely on tax revenue. Aren’t you excited for school?





Fireworks above the hills of Golden Valley/Silver River

Residents in Golden Valley/Silver River celebrated Valentine’s Day in style this week with a stunning fireworks display!  The citywide party, plans for which had been in the works for weeks, not only coincides with Valentine’s Day but marks the week leading up to the grand opening of the city’s community center, designed by kidizen Naomi.





A picnic on the lake!

Kidizens in New Wellstone this week held a special council meeting to discuss the installation of a picnic and barbecuing area in their brand-new city park.  Donated by kidizen Evan, the barbecue raised some eyebrows for nearby residents who were concerned about polluting the park and attracting large unruly groups and area so near to private residences.  In the end, the picnic area was approved after Evan agreed to make the grill solar-powered to avoid emitting hazardous carbon into the park’s atmosphere.

On the road again…

Sunbeam City’s long-awaited roads system is finally underway! Roads Commissioner Willem has been hard at work constructing a street system.  It’ll be much easier—and less bumpy—driving around Sunbeam City after the roads are finished!




Bridging the gap

Look out, River Bank Shore residents! There’s a state-of-the-art vehicle access bridge coming your way!  Residents are hard at work constructing the bridge, which will join the current pedestrians-only bridge currently serving the city’s residents.  Much like New York’s stunning Brooklyn Bridge backdrop, now River Bank Shore will have its own breathtaking cityscape! We hope that bikers and walkers will be pleased with the addition!



Sweeping views from the sky!

Also, check out this new postcard that Grier sent from her lovely helitaxi ride overlooking Townville!   She is living the life and staying in the finest suites Townville has to offer. Grier is looking forward to businesses opening so she can get a little shopping done!





See you next week, kidizens!

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